Sunday, August 26, 2012

26 August 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date 26 August 2012

I awoke late and stayed in bed reading for a long time. My foot was still tender and a bit swollen. i felt it best to just take it easy and go nowhere, walk nowhere, and eat at home! The morning was interrupted, however, by the arrival of the rental agent who had been instructed to come by and turn down my hot water heater and show me how to get hot and cold water out of it. I had not been having trouble with either of these issues, until, that is after he left and now my hot water only heats to luke warm. He left, and I made a sandwich for brunch and worked on my journal. I pretty much spent the entire day vacillating between journal writing, nibbling on food, napping, and reading Mockingjay. Then I became determined to finish it, which I did. All I can say about the ending is that it was what I wanted to happen although maybe not the way I want it to happen exactly. People have said they did not think the second two books of the Hunger Games were as good as the first. I cannot agree. I think they were not really two additional books; but, rather, they were the continuation of the original story. I do believer that many people did not want the story to turn out as depressing as the it did, but these same people must have lost sight, somehow in the Katniss / Peeta / Gale triangle that the Hunger Games was not really all about fun and games, now was it?

By nightfall, I decided to watch the Chinese Cable News in English which was a fascinating experience. The entire way the news broadcast was conducted was very interesting. It is very difficult to describe. I feel asleep at some point and woke up to a loop about the european soccer scores. Oh well, good night.

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