Saturday, September 15, 2012

15 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date 15 September 2012

up at 7 • at school by 8 • one person was very, very late causing our colleague and foreign teacher expert, David, as well as us, for we were worried about her health and safety, a great deal of consternation • she finally arrived nearly 15 minutes late, and we traveled 45 minutes by shuttle van to the Beijing Ministry for Foreign Experts and Students • once there, we completed the final stages necessary to obtain our residency visa (the equivalent to a green card / work visa in the USA) • to be fair, David had completed many, many hours of paperwork prior to our arrival at the ministry; and, for that, we owed him a tremendous debt of gratitude • once our processing was completed, we had the opportunity to return to school or stay in the area and make our own way home via cab, train, or bus • Derick and I were eager to return to the Silk Market to try on our tailored shirts, while Lena and Kevin were anxious for coffee • we split up • Derrick and I arrived at the Silk Market approximately 20 minutes later after taking two subway lines • we found our tailor shop but realized we had left our claim tickets at home • the manager was kind enough to allow us to thumb through her ledger book until we found our names and orders handwritten into the book • they tailors then located our shirts and we tried them on • they turned out amazingly well, and I immediately decided I was going to return in the near future to order more shirts and a couple of pairs of black slacks • we paid off our balances due and headed to the China World Mall for Fat Burger lunch • Derick stayed in the restaurant and read his book while I shopped in the import grocery story for cereal from Belgium, Italy, and 中國 / Zhōngguó • took the subway home • worked on my journal the rest of the day trying my best to back fill stories and days and remaining hopeful that pix will be coming soon

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