Tuesday, September 18, 2012

18 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date Tuesday, 18 September 2012

school on time • taught classes • waited for XJ, Niall, Steph, and Robbie for Lunch they were all no shows – must have been miscommunication as I still have no phone and it is starting to really impact me • returned to HQ to teach one class and then finish PPT for AP Chem • taught AP Chem • returned to HQ to find beautiful box of very expensive moon cakes and a huge box of very expensive imported kiwis from New Zealand – just a way to thank the teachers for being us again! and celebrate the upcoming Autumn festival and 60th anniversary of our school • went home and changed • first solo venture on subway to a new unexplored place called Joy City one of the biggest malls in Beijing in the Xidan shopping district which looks like a mini Times Square • has real Apple Store • mall is 12 levels • top few floors have just restaurants and places to socialize with your date (they actually call them date floors) • movie theater on top with 13 screens but seems to be playing only five movies (Prometheus, Spider-man, Dark Knight Rises, Expendables 2, and White Plain Deer) • Mr. Pizza • KFC • phone scouting • right now iPhone 4s is 4488 RMB everywhere and will probably stay as such until 5 actually ships • will wait to buy when we get paid on 30 September • really need a phone badly • scouted all over the mall • they even have a Gap • Burger King • Starbucks • Daytime Donuts for Phil • entire floor dedicated to every kind of cell phone, like an auto mall for cell phones, with show spaces for every company on earth • cannot wait to bring back pictures and put them up with this post but, again, need phone for that! coming soon • subway back • got on opposite direction train, looked up, realized mistake and hopped off before door closed • waited for next one going opposite way • monitor says it will arrive in 3 minutes

hopped on and rode 8 stops back to my stop Yuquan Lu • walked to Chaoshi Fa to see if it was open • it was • shopped for TP, deodorizers, snacks, food, peanut butter, etc. • walked home • unpacked everything • installed all the deodorizers • got to sleep around midnight • construction continues day and night • woke up in the middle of the night

Strangely Vivid Dream
Had incredibly vivid dream including full slate of cast from my LSC forensics coaching days. I was coaching an all-star team of speakers who must now travel to Beijing to represent the USA. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten dinner at KFC twice in one week? • couldn't sleep • emailed with Dan, our admin contact in the states, about bringing Pony Beads and Pipe cleaners to build molecules and wondered why we cannot buy things made in China in China somewhere • got stuff ready to write college recs for two students from last year including one from China who was an exchange student that stayed on for a second year • went back to sleep

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