Saturday, September 29, 2012

29 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date Saturday, 29 September 2012

walked to school • that's right a full day of school • advisory meetings were held in the afternoon followed by one more class for poor 大 Jarrod • said goodbye to all 10th graders and wished the 12th graders well on their SAT • after school, a group of 20 teachers from International Department A-Level and AP programs went to Wudoukou for pizza at Pyro Pizza followed by ice cream at Häagen-Dazs • strictly my opinion, but the pizza was not so good • after pizza we all kind of split up into smaller groups • and 大 Jarrod and I had ice cream at Häagen-Dazs after I apparently embarrassed him by yelling out, "冰淇淋在哪裡? " (Bīngqílín zài nǎlǐ? – which is one of the few expressions we used on my second and third trips to 中國 / Zhōngguó) until some local people finally stopped and agreed to direct us to the shop • Meagan and Steph went on a mission to check out Charlie Brown Café next door • soon we were all next door ordering hot chocolates and coffees with the face of Charlie Brown and Lucy drawn into the whip on top • so cool

talked and had a lot of fun before deciding to take a cab home to campus • arrived at some cosmically coincidental time as to have us run into XJ, Niall, Robbie, James, Abbey, Liz, and Liz K • again it was very cool! • talked in a big circle for a long time, until, one-by-one, people started to peel off and disappear into the night that was the eve of the start of the Harvest Moon Festival and then National Day on the 1st of October • these two holidays combined with our make-up day of school today will afford us an 8-day break • my only qualm is that I'm really not far enough along into the school year to need such a long break, however, I plan to enjoy it nonetheless

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