Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date Monday, 24 September 2012

felt better this morning • got to school • observed Monday Morning assembly in stadium with flag raising • it is Term Break for 11th and 12th graders • regular Chinese school in homerooms for 10th

Break Week at BNDS
Apparently this week last year was very poorly attended by 11th and 12th graders whom, instead, stayed home to study for the SAT. Therefore, the administration decided to change the format for this week and have no classes for the 11th and 12th graders. Instead it would be quiet self-study in school all week. The 10th graders would have normal cases. Therefore, for teachers who teach only 11th and 12 graders it is a week of babysitting – just sitting in your classroom and watching them. For people like myself who teach both, it would be a combination, and for poor people like 大 Jarrod who teach only 10th graders, well, not difference – I really felt bad for my pal.

Broncos lost to Texans • went to lunch with Phil • went to dry cleaners to drop shirts for ironing

Thriving Street Vendor Economy
So, the past few Mondays I've headed to the dry cleaners down Restaurant Row. Along the street outside on the sidewalk, there is a booming economy of street vendors that survives on BNDS students. They can buy anything from cotton candy to crepes to DVDs. It turns out that every one of these vendors is breaking the law as they are all unlicensed, but the amount of money to be made and the small fines to be paid if caught make it worth it for the vendors. In a way, however, it is kind of cool to see the kids interacting with the vendors and watching this baby form of capitalism at work.

did not go to Café Serendipity for first Monday in a while due to feeling too tired and weary as day wore on and sickness was clearly not gone • 大 Jarrod made cookies and best brownies I have eaten in many moons •  wrote Pre-AP Bio test • went to Mandarin class • stayed at school until 8 pm getting recs for YCDS students done • chatted with their new director of college counseling and asst. head of upper school • walked home

Wonderful Surprise from my Neighbors
I arrived home to find my front door decorated with a beautiful moon cake package from my neighbors in 901 along with thank you note for the fruit -- not sure how they knew the fruit was from me. Their note read, "Dear Neighbor: Thank you very much for your fruits! This Sunday is Chinese Middle Autumn Day. We all eat moon cakes. These are some moon cakes for you. Welcome to our apartment! Yours Sincerely, 901 Family." Wow! That was pretty thoughtful.

Moon Cakes
Now, not to lessen the gift from my neighbors nor the intention which is truly special especially since I have not even met these people. I guess they know enough to know I am not from around these parts, but I have heard that the moon cakes are kind of the Chinese equivalent of the fruitcakes in the USA and are often gifted and re-gifted many times. I am not saying these were not purchased by the family in 901 specifically for me, I am just saying that sometimes Chinese people who receive these gifts do pass them on and on a few times. I was also told that usually you only give them to people you want to be in your family, so I don't know exactly how to take this gift. I also do not know the protocol. Should I give them the box of moon cakes BNDS gave me? I think theirs is actually a bit of a more expensive box because each cake is beautifully and expensively wrapped. Or should I wait until Thanksgiving and give them some turkey and stuffing? Will there be turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving? I do not know. I personally do not have an oven. Anyway, I will have to ask around to find out the proper response to this thoughtful gift. I will also have to find out what to do with all these moon cakes. Right now, I am in possession of 14 of them.

the meter reading today brought me news that I have 345 kw of electricity left • time for sleep

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