Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date 6 September 2012

very exciting days ahead • got to school filled with excitement despite dehydration • taught classes, reviewed for quizzes, made up inspirational quotation of the year, and prepared for Friday • ate lunch in cubicle

Inspirational Quotation of the Year
Well those of you who were my students know that I like to put an inspirational quotation at the top of every quiz and on the cover page of tests. I usually agonize over these to ensure they convey just the right meaning, perhaps unbeknownst to anyone but me. Today, however, one of my great 10C sophomores asked me a really great question.

Great Questions Inspire Great Questions!"
--Martin S. C. Thompson as inspired by He Katherine

One that, in the old, old days of my teaching career, would have been worthy of a Scooter Pie – which, incidentally, here are called Orion Cakes.

The question inspired me to, as I do on occasion, make up my own quotation, "Great questions inspire great questions." So, I then planned to use the quotation for the next batch of quizzes. Those of you who know we too well, also are aware that I disdain it when the word 'quote' is used in place of 'quotation' – one is a verb and one is a noun.

prepared quizzes for Friday • went to Restaurant Row for dinner with Xiao Jared and Niall – awesome fun and first time I really got to talk to them in a while • home for the evening

Restaurant Row
What is restaurant row? Well, it is what we call the series of restaurants on our main E/W street that has a whole series of restaurants of varying degree of price and quality of food. One of the most unusual things you will see on this row is people preparing food for customers on an outdoor prep station and finishing the cooking of the meat with a hair dryer. I am not making that up.

Given my brother's knowledge of health code laws in the USA, when he visits, I think I will probably steer clear of taking him to most of these establishments. Also, what ever you do, don't drop your food on the table and then think you are going to scoop it up with your chop sticks. 20 sticks of fury will fly out knocking if and a chorus of reminders not to eat off the table.

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