Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date 2 September 2012

arose early to work on my journal and prepare for classes • at around 10 o'clock, Skyped with my family & watched two episodes of "Big Brother" with them • finally got to talk with my mom with whom I've had no contact since I called her from SFO • also got to see the results of my niece's latest science experiments from school involving magic water beads • after that, and everyone but me and my sister-in-law falling asleep during the show, got to work again on opening day documents for my classes even though I do not believe I will be able to print and photocopy them by class time tomorrow as there will be insufficient time in the morning • worked on starting to get my journal entries published on line to a blog • the blog posts for the first two days were eventually published, but there is obviously a lot more to go! • answered a few emails from students asking about the summer homework assignment – yes, we were required to give them a huge summer homework assignment to complete by the first day of class • assembled the garment steamer given to me by BNDS for my apartment • gathered all of the stuff I wanted to take to my office and put it in a rolling suitcase so it would be ready for tomorrow • listened to music on my iPad for a while while I worked on class documents and my journal some more • had a piece of cake and a peanut butter and honey sandwich • am hoping that we will get our cafeteria service smart cards tomorrow, and we will get to eat lunch at school • got ready for bed realizing that I needed to be fresh and well-rested for the first day of school! • Only my niece probably knows what I am going to dream about tonight!

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