Sunday, September 23, 2012

23 September 2012 -- Journal Log

Scooter's Journal Log
Earth Date Sunday, 23 September 2012

woke up to concrete drilling next door at 8:30 am that stopped around 9:00 am • watched "Haven" episodes nearing the end of season 2 • did a load of laundry • napped • read the newspapers online • watched the season 2 finalé of "Haven" and wondered if there would be a season 3 • researched and found that there will be a season 3 airing on the syfy channel this fall – good news is I would be left hanging to find out what happens, bad news is I will have to wait a long time to watch it, I think, though I haven't tried to get syfy shows downloaded here • speaking of which, my brother reminded me that I might be able to download USA tv shows using iTunes® which I might try to download episode 1 of "Glee" season 4 tonight! • felt suddenly very sick to stomach • ate nothing unusual today • end results not so good but felt better later • walked to Chao Shi Fa for snacks and sundries • got 20 McNuggets at McDonald's for 25 CN 元 and fries and a Coke® for dinner • walked home • felt tired but ok • unpacked all the groceries • did the dishes • distributed little bags of three kiwis each to each of my neighbors – not sure what else to two with the two dozen kiwis from New Zealand which I received as a gift from BNDS this week along with the six elegant moon cakes for the upcoming Lunar Festival • worked on my journal entries

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